• slide Parboiled Rice is one amongst the most popular rice products in the world today owing primarily to its improved
    nutritional value as also to its improved cooking and processing properties.
  • slide1 Nagraj Paddy Parboil and Drier Industry manufactures all Rice Process Machineries related to Parboiled Rice
    and Driers for the required Paddy process
  • slide2 50 ton Parboil and 25 ton double driers.
  • slide3 80 Ton parboil , 40 ton each double drier , Online cooker, bed drier , Pre cleaner and Silo full project.
  • slide4
  • slide5 Our products are customized and fabricated as per customers requirements

Our Products


Aero Dynamic Centrifugal Double Impellar blower

  • Fan made of aluminum and Mild steel
  • Very low starting torque with aluminum rotors
  • Fan efficiency up to 80% power saving up to 40%
  • Static pressures up to 200 mm Wc (8 inches gauge) and suitable CFM

Heat Exchanger

  • Both fixed as well as split type construction
  • 6.5 fins/inch for larger heat transfer area Achieve 120o C to 140o C
  • Easy to maintain and clean made of SS tubes with aluminum fins , copper tubes and mild steel or a combination of these four.


  • Cooling System specially designed for paddy after boiling to reduce heat & moisture, enable to dry, ensure good quality rice
  • Installed between parboil and Drier
  • Made of SS and available in 20,25 and 30 feet length fitted with warm reduction gear box of 10 RPM output.
  • High efficiency with uniform cooling

Belt Conveyor

  • 300 mm width upto 1220 mm wide
  • Flat / Troughed / Side walled / Cleated with Rubber / polyester belt and capacity upto
  • 150 TPH for bulk materials.
  • These can be in OPEN / FULLY ENCLOSED TYPE construction
  • Belt Conveyors with Drum motors are also available. These are maintenance free, elegant in design & have sleek looks.
  • Polypropylene Flex-Belts and rubber belts .The material of constructions of belt ensures corrosion free & non sticky surfaces with heat resistance up to 120 degree temperature.
  • Geared motor and counter shaft mechanism system used for hassle free drive.

Bucker Elevator

BUCKET ELEVATORS 26ft/30ft/36ft/40ft

The elevator is used to convey the product vertically. It is effectively used in food processing industry processing mills feed milling plants.


  • Sturdy & rugged construction.
  • Clean out opening is provided for easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • It is equipped with a back stop arrangement to avoid the belt rotating in the wrong direction.
  • Vulcanised rubber Pulley to avoid slippage of belt.
  • Shovel type P.P. Buckets & food grade belts are used as standard.

Technical Specification

Type/Model EL 4 EL 6 EL 8
Capacity 2-4MT/Hr of Paddy 5-6 MT/Hr of Paddy 8-12MT/Hr of Paddy
Power required 0.75KW/1.0HP 1.5 KW/2HP 1.5 KW/2.0HP
Available height 26ft, 30ft, 36ft, 40ft 26ft, 30ft, 36ft, 40ft 36ft, 40ft

Motor & Gear Box

Nagraj supplies original and high quality spare parts to customers in any part of the world. Use of genuine spare parts ensures higher efficiency and longer life of the machine.

Pre Cleaner

The rotary grain separator is exclusively designed for preliminary cleaning activity of all types of seeds, cereals for milling plants. It removes impurities such as bigger size stones, straws, immature grain, iron particles, sand. Grain separator is suitable for any type of grain ( PADDY, WHEAT, DHAL, SOYA & SPICES). Lighter weight particles and dust thoroughly lifted by aspiration chamber.

Panel Board

Right on design, right on manufacture, right on service

From design through manufacture and delivery, Nagraj commits its considerable resources to giving our panelboard with our plants, customers the products they need, when they need them. Our product team constantly seeks out customers' feedback on potential improvements, which are pursued by a design team that knows how to make them real.


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